17-mar-2010 - Minor release vnStat PHP frontend 1.5.1

This release contains some minor bugfixes for SVG graph generation. When using a locale that has comma as decimal separator it would mess up the graph. Also new in this release is the Czech translation.

11-mar-2010 - Release of vnStat PHP frontend 1.5.0

This release contains some major changes. Themeing has been re-structed and also support for localization has been added. Currently I have only english and dutch translations. Feel free to submit translations for other languages!

19-jan-2010 - On GitHub!

I have imported the current version of the vnstat PHP frontend on GitHub.

03-nov-2008 - Release of vnStat PHP frontend 1.4.1

A new release for vnStat PHP frontend. This one only contains some small bugfixes.

09-sep-2008 - Release of vnStat PHP frontend 1.4

Finally another update for vnStat PHP frontend! This time there are some major changes. Graphs have been prettified and now sport a 3D look. They can now also be rendered using SVG, which is especially beneficial when run on low power devices. Colorschemes have also been improved a bit. You can now define multiple schemes and select one on runtime.

19-nov-2007 - Power outage again

More downtime yesterday and today. This time it was the server's PSU, which has been replaced. Let's hope that's it for the time being ;-)

15-nov-2007 - Vista and speedtouch wireless networking issues

Yesterday I was messing about for while trying to get a laptop running Windows Vista to access shares on a Windows XP machine. It would list shares, but I couldn't actually access them. Vista would try it for a while and eventually timeout and complain about permissions. Now the funny part was, it would work when the laptop was using a wired connection to the router. But as soon as I switched to using the wireless network it would fail.

I finally found out what was going wrong. Apparently the MTU settings for the wireless interface used by Vista are not correct. The default MTU is set to 1500, but when sending data over the wireless interface all packets over 1468 bytes seem to disappear. I don't know who is at fault here, could be wireless driver, vista or the router. Although it seems to be related to the wireless router used, a Speedtouch 780. I've seen more reports of people having issues with this router in combination with Windows Vista. Anyway, after fixing the MTU settings it all started working flawlessly.

First start an administrator console by entering cmd into the searchbox on the start menu and then do ctrl+shift+enter instead of just enter. In the console enter the following commands to change the MTU:

netsh interface ipv4 show interfaces

Take note of the id number of the wireless interface.

netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface id mtu=1460 store=persistent

That should be all, happy networking ;-)

19-may-2007 - Release of RGB Color Picker 1.1

Also fixed some Internet Explorer issues for the RGB Color Picker.

15-may-2007 - Release of vnStat PHP frontend 1.3

After almost a year another update to the vnStat frontend. Nothing major, I fixed some display issues with Internet Explorer. It should now display OK on all major browsers.

02-may-2007 - Yay, power restored

The new PSU came today and everything is up and running again.

28-apr-2007 - Power supply fried

The power supply of my little server here at home has died. It went out with a nice loud pop and a big stink. The system itself seems to be alright though. Since this server ran some of the demo pages those obviously will be offline for the time being. Since this server also handled email for my email address, I won't be able to read mail sent to that address. It will be received and stored at a backup mailserver but i can't read it from there. In the mean time you can also use if you need to contact me.

12-mar-2007 - Back on track

First site update in ages. I finally got fed up with the greens and had a little tool to add. It's a simple tool to quickly extract audio tracks from MDF/MDS cd images.

04-jun-2006 - IP checker tool

I put a small tool online that allows you find out your IP number. Unlike most other tools this one also supports IPv6. Try it out!
This is hosted on an external site where i have IPv6 connectivity. If you're also interested in IPv6, take a look at SixXS. One of the best IPv6 tunnel service providers i've used.