MDF audio extracter

This is a tool to extract audio data from MDF/MDS audio cd images to wav or raw files. Tracks will be extracted to the current directory and named track_[num].wav or track_[num].raw. Output can also be redirected to stdout to allow the audio data to be fed to an encoder or player directly.

You need both a .mds and .mdf file to be able to extract tracks. The .mds file contains the information about the tracks, while the .mdf file contains the actual data. They usually should have the same name (except for the extension ofcourse). This is case sensitive, so for example FileName is not the same as filename.

known issues/limitations

Probably does not work on big endian archs.

mdfextract 0.1  (c)2007 Bjorge Dijkstra

usage: mdfextract [options] file.mds

-i          output mds info instead of extracting
-r          extract raw track data
-s          output to stdout instead of file
-t <num>    extract single track (num > 0)
-q          quiet, no output


12-mar-20070.1initial releasedownload